"Snowmobile fun for all ages!"
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Backcountry self-guided tours are the most popular rides.  Both experienced and inexperienced guests enjoy the self-guided trails.  This ride is your friends or family, your way.

Guests utilize specific snowmobile trails by following the numbers, letters, or color-coded directional signage for each trail. Speed limit is 20 mph due to scenery.   Vista Point 1 min. video.

There is a bonus!  Two-hour rides are discounted from the hourly rate.  Singles are $65 per hour and doubles are $85 per hour.  Rate includes snowmobile, helmet, instruction and map. Insurance $12 and boot rental $6 is optional. Speed limit is 20 mph due to scenic trails.  Rates and ride areas are subject to change.  All rides are subject to a refuel fee and/or booking fee.

Age requirements differ on all rides.  For self-guided tours, age 6 is youngest passenger, age 17-20 may drive single (parent or guardian present), and age 21 to drive with a passenger. Ages 18-20 (without a parent or guardian) are permitted to drive singles on guided rides only.   A driver's license is required to drive. See Visitor Tips.

WAIVERS - All participants must complete waivers in person or online.

TJ 15 Vista 1260x960

1-1/2 Hr.  Vista Tour

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Single.. $105

Double  $132 (350 lb. weight limit) 

Departure: 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m.

Vista Trail goes to the top of the mountain, Vista Point. This is the site of numerous marriage proposals! There are scenic views on every turn. Riders returning a little early may also ride in the powder at Smokey Bear Flat Snowmobile Park.

Shannon 1260x9352-Hr.  Lookout Mountain

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Single.. $130

Double  $170 (350 lb. weight limit)

Departure: 9:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m.

This ride encircles the mountain with viewpoints that extend to the south peaks of Yosemite.  Take the time to view Obsidian Dome.  This black glass-like rock was used to make arrowheads.  If you complete this route in less than two hours you are permitted to ride portions of the Vista Trail. Riders returning early may play in the powder at Smokey Bear Flat Snowmobile Park.

snowmobile trio3- Hr. Bald Mountain 

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3- Hr. Single $195
         Double $255 (350 lb. weight limit)
         Minimum of 2 snowmobiles.
*50/50 Tours add $12 per snowmobile.  
         Minimum of 4. Sat/Sun only.
Departure:  9:30 a.m. only. (Not available after March 1)
The longest and highest (9,104 ft.) snowmobile trail.  This trail goes to the top of Bald Mtn.  There are panoramic views at the top and a log cabin warming hut.  Riders may utilize Lookout Mtn., Vista Trail, and Smokey Bear Flat Snowmobile Park as your time allows.
*50/50 Tours.   These rides are a combination of 1/2 guided and 1/2 self-guided trails.  Routes vary on guided portion of the ride.  

Bald Mtn. from Lookout Mtn.4- Hr. Rides Rides 

4-Hr. Single $260
        Double $350 (350 lb. weight limit)
        Minimum of 2 snowmobiles.
Departure:  9:30 a.m. only. (Not available after March 1)

Trails are the same as 3-hour tours.  Longer ride allows for photography and/or bring a lunch!  Here is a view from the top of Bald Mountain showing huge open play areas.  Play areas are accessible on guided tours only.

Testimonial:  "We come from Simi Valley, CA and my husband and I bring our two children (20 and 14 yrs old) to DJ's Snowmobile Adventures every Mammoth trip. We always do a self guided tour on their beautifully groomed trails, no crowds, and it's exciting and very peacful at the same time. We have never had a bad experience and the people who work there are awesome! Thanks guys for making our trip complete!" Sincerely, Sherry D. 

Testimonial:  "First time I went with a friend and we followed your self guided trail.  The trail was very clear and the photo oops were amazing.  Since then we have taken serval groups of friends and done guided trips.  FUN!!!  It is great to have a guide because they know where the best snow is and where it is safe to go a little faster.  One year that had limit snow we were taken under 395 and into the trees.  Other years we have gone also up to Bald Mountain...wow talk about photo ops!! All your guides have been great and everyone we have brought to visit you guys have left we "amazing day!" stories.  Looking forward to a 2012/2013 ride!"   C. Bovich