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Daily, weekly, or monthly snowmobile rentals are utilized for film productions. Snowmobiles may be transported to a location, or out of the area year round. Each request is unique as the projects differ. DJ's will make every effort to meet your film production requirements. We have 35 years experience in assisting film companies.

Services may include: Snowmobiles rentals, snow cat rental, sleighs that attach to snowmobiles to transport equipment, location services via snowmobile, etc. Call us for quotes on daily rentals and services.

snowmobile film production


A few recent commercial productions include "Coca Cola" and "Coors Beer". This production for a Super Bowl Sunday commercial stretched for a mile. It was filmed at Benton Crossing. You may remember the Coors Light "Love Train".

Snowmobile cars

Movies and Documentaries

Photo shows snowmobile rentals converted to “on the snow limosusines” for the movie "Richie Rich, A Christmas Wish!". This movie was filmed in DJ's Snowmobile Adventures' staging area at Smokey Bear Flat.

Additional movies utilizing our services include "Golden Child", "Kiki", "Swordkill", and a Disney Documentary.