"Snowmobile fun for all ages!"
Gearing up for more winter fun!


About our snowmobiles....we offer 550cc ski-doo, and arctic-cat snowmobiles.  All units are 2-up with heated handwarmers. 

Each snowmobile has a map bag installed below the handlebars. The map bag can hold small items for your trip. A flag giving you higher visibility on the snow is on each sled.   DJ's is the only company to offer these safety and customer convenience items.

SNOWMOBILES ARE FOR SALE PERIODICALLY.  IF INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT US TO GET ON THAT LIST.  All units are serviced, in good condition and ready to go for this season.


Sale 2008 A Resized

(3) 2008 - 550cc fan cooled 2-up.  Good condition. $2,650 each or $2,500 for two or more.





Snowmobile Arctic Cat 2(2) Arctic CAt Mountain Cat 600cc EFI  

2002 $1,210

2004 $1,655



 Yamaha Resized 1000x750  (2) Yamaha Venture 2003 700cc 2-up $2,205 Each