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Beautiful!  Breathtaking!  Awesome!  This is what you will experience as you travel through 75,000 acres of Lodgepole pine and Jeffrey pine forest to amazing destinations.
Trails are marked with orange diamond markers.  Approximately 85 miles of these trails are groomed.  The average snowpack is 3 to 5 feet.  The elevation varies from 7,600 ft. to 9,104 ft.
Trails are patrolled by the US Forest Service and the Mono County Sheriff's Department for your safety. See Map.

Snowmobile Scenic Mammoth LakesSelf-Guided Tour Trails

Vista Loop (Blue Trail)
Elevation 8615 ft. Beginner route.
Lookout Mtn Loop (Green Trail) Elevation 8352 ft. "L" orange diamond lettered route.

Bald Mtn. (Orange Trail) Elevation 9104 ft. "A" and "D" orange diamond lettered route. Panoramic views! The log cabin warming hut is on the top!

snowmobile backcountry guide Guided Tour Trails

Tours may utilize any route within the permitted operating area including self-guided trails. Not all routes are shown on the map.
Tours vary in size. Minimum 2 snowmobiles.

grooming snowcat Grooming

Some trails are funded from the State of California Over-Snow-Vehicle Grants Program to the forest service.  DJ's Snowmobile Adventures began the grooming program in 1988.  Tips about grooming...
Don't follow us.  We will stop and let you pass when it is safe. Grooming is like an art, except it is 85 miles long.  So give us a thumb's up if you like the product.
The groomer always has the right of way.  If you see a fresh ribbon, you know a groomer is ahead.
Do not ride your snowmobile down the middle of the trail.  Stay to the right. Wheeled vehicles are prohibited on groomed trails by forest service order.