Q: When Is The Best Time To Snowmobile?

A: Any time! We are lucky to have pretty great weather, even in the winter. Earlier tours may be a bit chillier, but will have any fresh powder all to themselves. Customers who opt for the afternoon rides, will have the sun to help chase away the winter chills. 

Q: Do You Offer Transportation To/From Mammoth Lakes/June Lake?

A: We DO NOT currently offer transportation to/from our location. Mammoth does have a couple of taxi services. It's recommended to book early, as they do fill up fast, especially during the holidays. 

Mammoth Cab

Mammoth Taxi

  *DJ's is NOT affiliated with ANY Mammoth cab/taxi company. We are not responsible for any problems you may encounter with said companies. We only offer their information as a courtesy to our guests .




Q: What's the Age Limit for Riding/Driving


A: Riders young as 4 years old can ride as a passenger in our snowpark area. For all back country tours, age 6 is the minimum for riders. 

For the snowpark, drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid drivers license and a parent/guardian present.

For all back country tours, drivers must be at least 18 years of age to drive on a single passenger sled, and aged 21 to drive with a passenger.  

Valid drivers licences are required for all drivers, and all drivers under the age of 18 MUST have a parent/guardian present. 

Q: Do I Need to Sign A Rental Agreement or Waiver?

 A: Yes. Check-in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure to review the Rental Agreement, waiver, and safety rules.

Q: Do You Require a Damage/Security Deposit?


A: We require a valid CC for the rental agreement. No charges will be made UNLESS you damage the snowmobile, ride off trail, or violate any of the safety rules. 

Q: My Child's Friend Wants To Come. Can I Sign The Waiver For Them?


A: No. For all minors, their parent/guardian MUST fill out and sign the waiver. If the parent or guardian will not be there, please make sure the waiver is filled out PRIOR to your reservation date. Please call/email us if you require a waiver prior to your reservation date. We can email one to you. 

For legal reasons, we cannot allow minors to ride without a waiver from their legal parent/guardian.



Q: How Many People May Ride On One Snowmobile?

A: One person per single rider snowmobile and two for the double person snowmobile. There is a 350lbs weight limit for the double snowmobiles. 


Q: When Renting A Double Rider, Can We Switch Drivers In the Back-Country?

 A: No. You may change drivers only if you return early to play in the snowpark. Switching drivers in the back country will result in an automatic $500 fine. 

Q. Can I Ride If I Am Pregnant, Have Back, Neck, Or Other Health Issues?

 A: No. Please do not make a reservation if you are pregnant. Consult your physician on other issues including respiratory distress, heart, back or neck pain. We cannot be responsible for any injuries that result from a pre-existing condition that is exacerbated by riding a snowmobile. 

Q: Do I Have to Stay On The Trails?

A: YES! We lease our property from the forest service and are NOT ALLOWED to ride any machine off the marked trails in the back country, per our permit. Riding off trail will result in an automatic $500 fine per snowmobile that is ridden off trail. 



Q: Are Reservations Required?

 A: Advanced reservations ARE required for backcountry tours. We will accept walk-up's for the snowpark only. If you are interested in renting for the snowpark, please call us to check for availability for same day bookings. 

Q: What Is Your Deposit And Cancellation Policy?

 A: Full payment via credit card is mandatory for all advanced reservations. You have until 48 hrs PRIOR to your scheduled rental time to cancel at no charge. After that, you are charged only if we are unable to fill your rental spot. No shows will be charged in full with no refunds. 

If the weather is extremely bad, or road condotions prohibit you from reaching us (this only applies if the CHP closes HWY 395. Not having chains, or not wanting to "risk driving" does NOT automatically mean a refund for you.)  we will cancel all rides and refund your payments. If you are unsure about road/weather conditions on the day of, please call us. You can also check our FB page for updates and trail status.

Q: What Do You Provide With The Snowmobile Rental?

 A: We provide a helmet (open faced) for all riders. You will need to provide eye (ski goggles/glasses are fine) and chin protection (neck gaiters or scarves are good.)

Q: Do Your Tours Continue When Snow Is Predicted, Or It Is Currently Snowing?

A: When snow is predicted, we operate as usual. If it begins to snow heavily, reservations are cancelled as far in advance as possible. Some rides may be pro-rated if a storm moves in too fast. If Highway 395 is closed that day, all reservations are notified as early as possible. Reservations are cancelled without penalty if we close on a snow day.  



Q: What Should I Wear?

A: Outdoor winter gear is recommended. You will be outside for several hours, plan accordingly: boots, ski/snow pants or bibs, jacket, and gloves/mittens. And like mom always said....wear layers! You can always take stuff off if you get hot. ;) 

For drivers: scarf, gator...or something to cover your chin is recommended when the weather is unstable. 

Q: What Should I Bring?

A: You will need to bring eye protection (ski/snowboard googles are fine. Or sunglasses), and chin protection (if you want it). All riders/drivers age 16 and over must bring a valid drivers licence. All states/countries are accepted. 

You may also bring a camera, cell phone, snacks/drinks. NO ALCOHOL! Please DO NOT LITTER! Keep your trash with you until you return to base and are able to dispose of it properly. Keys, and wallet should be kept in a zippered pocket. Wear plenty of sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen. Even on overcast days, the suns burn rays still come through. The higher altitude also makes you more prone to sun burn. Even in the winter! 

We are not responsible for lost/stolen items.