Family Snowpark Rides- 1 Hour

Enjoy the thrills and excitement of this scenic ride with gentle hills.  Great for beginners or large groups that just want to give it a try.  YouTube Getting Started! (44 seconds)

The Family Snowpark Ride is "affordable family fun". This self-guided ride allows you to save on rental costs by taking turns with the kids...or with friends. 

Includes:  Snowmobile, helmet, instruction, practice.  Rates and ride area is subject to change.  

All rides have a different age requirement:  

The minimum age to be a passenger in the Family Snowpark is 4 years old. We cannot make ANY exceptions to this rule. 

To drive single... age 16 with parent or guardian present.  

To drive with a passenger... age 21.  

A driver's license is required to drive.

Rates and ride area are subject to change.  

WAIVERS - All participants must sign a waiver.  

PLEASE BRING:  Driver's License, credit card for the damage deposit, eye and chin protection, cell phone.


1 Hour Snowpark Rentals

Single or Double $98

Departs daily between 9:30am and 2:30pm 

Please call to book rentals for Family Snowpark. This Tour option is NOT available to be booked in advance, online. 

This is an affordable and great introduction to the sport.  This ride occurs in the Snowmobile Park only.  It is not a back country ride


guided snowmobile tours, mammoth lakes snowmobiling

Guided Tours

Exciting!  Exhilarating!  Amazing! Guided tours explore both groomed and un-groomed trails.  Open play areas are huge. Speed varies.  Those looking for adventure , these are the tours for you!  

Video experienced riders 2 min YouTube  Rates include snowmobile, helmet, instruction, map and guide. Rates and trails subject to change. 

Age requirements differ on all rides.  

For all back country tours, the minimum age to be a passenger is 6 years old. We cannot make ANY exceptions to this rule. Please DO NOT book a back country tour if you have anyone under the age of 6 in your group. 

Age 18 to drive single.  

Age 21 to drive with a passenger.  

A  valid driver’s license is required for all drivers.

WAIVERS - All participants must sign a waiver.  This may be completed in person, or prior to arrival.   

1.5 Hour Vista Tour


Double  $149

(350 lb. weight limit)

This guided tour will take you to trails within the 90 square mile operating area. Diversified Terrain. Every tour is a new adventure!   Take the kids in our passenger sleigh.

This tour is only available in the afternoons on Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Saturday. 

2 Hour Local's Favorite


Double  $187

(350 lb. weight limit)

This two-hour tour will include old and  new terrain.This tour can be customized to scenery and/or huge open play areas (play areas subject to snow conditions).  Here is a look at one of those play areas from Bald Mountain.

This tour is only available in the mornings of Sun, Mon, Fri, and Saturday.

3 Hour Bald Mountain Tour


Double $357

(350 lb. weight limit) 

This three-hour guide favorite is a new adventure every time! Weather permitting, your tour could take you up to Bald Mountain, or to June Lake Junction, or to an entirely new "off trail" detestation.

This tour is only available in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday.


passenger sleigh, tow behind snowmobile, snowmobiles

Tow-Behind Passenger Sleigh

The snowmobile passenger sleigh is utilized for back-country tours only.  Book early. The sleigh has heavy demand during holidays and weekends.  Back country Tour 18 Second Video.  

Rates start at $65.  

Limit of 1 adult (5'3" and under), 1 adult (5'3" and under) + 1 child, OR 2 children. 

Passenger weight limit of 300 lb. 

Minimum age of passenger in sleigh or any back country ride is AGE 6.  This is a great solution for a family that wants a back-country ride but is limited with only 2 drivers and 3-4 children.  

Please call to book the passenger sleigh. It is only available for back country tours, and is subject to availability.